Waldron Group LLC

Our mission is to bring you colorful boutique clothing and accessory brands from Europe. 

These are unique brands that are NOT seen in major retailers in the USA. If you're looking for something to set your store apart: look no further! 

Unique. Beautiful. Quality. 

These are the things we look for in our partners abroad.

Zand Amsterdam History



Zand Amsterdam is a young growing company, established in 2006 by Yaniv Shapira. Yaniv invented his wrapskirt a couple of years earlier and with the help of two tailors in New Delhi. He first started selling his own designs on the Goa night markets.

The practical versatility and colourfulness of the wrapskirts made them an instant success. This enabled Yaniv to increase production and proceed to sell at locations such as the famous Waterlooplein Market in Amsterdam and later on various festivals like Lowlands, Pinkpop, Rock Werchter, and Bonnaroo. The company now supplies to more than 1100 stores around the world.


Waldron Group

How did we get here?



It all started with a completely impulsive skirt purchase in 2013! While visiting family in Minnesota, I saw Zand Amsterdam skirts being sold in the Duluth Grandma's Marathon Expo. After eyeing these completely different, completely colorful and wonderful skirts for approximately a half second, I was in! Sign me up! Send 200 ASAP!


After some emails and communications with the company in Amsterdam, I was armed with my first order and out selling in Indiana. Once there, I was being approached by store owners, who wanted the skirts in their stores. 


One thing led to the next and pretty soon, I was importing and selling wholesale to stores. This happened the same year I turned 40 and I was ready for a new adventure.


It continues to be an adventure and I absolutely love it! I feel very fortunate to have this experience and develop relationships with so many store owners who are talented beyond belief! 


If you haven't met our skirts yet---check them out! I know you'll love them as much as I do!



Our mission is to bring colour to the world and our vision is to design without compromise.